How to use the Wellos Ecological Washing Ball
Using the Wellos washing ball is simple and easy.
Pre-treating your laundry
Normally there is no need to pre-treat your laundry. For stubborn stains you will need to pre-treat your laundry with a stain remover as you would usually do. Alternatively you may add up to 20% of washing powder if your laundry is very dirty.
Simply add the eco washing ball into the tumbler of your washing maching together with the laundry. If the load of your washing machine exceeds 5kg you will need two washing balls.

Washing programme
Wash dark, white and coloured laundry separately as usually to avoid the running of colours.
If your machine has a soak cycle, leave the laundry soaked for about 50 minutes prior to continuing washing your clothes in their usual programmes, as this will enhance the effectiveness of the washing ball.
Alternatively just use the ball together with your laundry and choose the programmes that you would usually run, without pre-soaking. The ball can be used at all temperatures, although for environmental reasons we recommend washing your clothes at lower temperatures. The eco washing ball can also be used for hand-washing delicate fabrics.

Care of your washing ball
After each wash your eco washing ball should air-dry. Once a month your eco washing ball should be exposed to the sunlinght and regular rinsing is recommendable.
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